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Streamline and Scale Your IT Operations

Outsources your data storage, integration, and processing operations to the cloud and alleviate your time for projects that drive your business forward. The simplicity of the Desktop 365® DaaS solution eliminates much of the setup and preparation work associated with building an on-premises data processing solution thus not requiring your company to have specialized staff on hand.

Enjoy The Benefits of Desktop 365® DaaS Solutions

  • Minimal setup time: Begin storing and processing data almost immediately.
  • Better Functionality: Experience less downtime and disruptions with cloud infrastructure.
  • Greater flexibility: With greater scalability and flexibility, DaaS allows resources to be allocated to cloud workloads instantaneously.
  • Cost savings: Optimize your data management and processing costs. Gain the flexibility to allocate resources to the cloud and increase or decrease those allocations as needs change.
  • Automated maintenance: Automatically manage and keep your tools and services up-to-date while eliminating the need for end-users to manage the tools themselves.

Desktop 365® DaaS For All Industries

Professional Services
Financial Services
Call Center/BPOs

Desktop 365® DaaS For Healthcare From small practices to large hospitals the need for flexible IT services is palpable. Desktop and a Service (DaaS) provides healthcare providers the efficiency of accessing essential data from one device to the next while ensuring security, HIPPA compliance, and patient-centric delivery continuity. Keep up with the technology demands in digital health with Desktop 365® solutions.

Desktop 365® DaaS For Legal

As busy as your schedule can get, keeping up to date with legal rights, responsibilities, and most importantly your clients, the last thing you should have to worry about is how you are going to manage your client’s data and tasks. With a fully managed, secure, reliable, and flexible desktop environment, Desktop 365® enables you to work from anywhere and at any time.

Desktop 365® DaaS For Education

Education institutions that are looking for a solution to facilitate remote learning for the students and teaching staff will benefit from Desktop 365® DaaS. House all your applications and assignments with security and accessibility to users from any location and at any time. Transforming your technology to transition from conventional learning methods to modern-day learning methods will increase student and institution accessibility.

Desktop 365® DaaS For Professional Services

As a successful business, technology is a huge area that is considered to require a systematic communication strategy for the workforce. Any miscommunication between you and your team can compromise the accuracy of your work.

Share, access, edit, or work on documents on a common virtual platform, track billable hours, job costs, and workflow from a centralized dashboard with Desktop 365® DaaS solutions.

Desktop 365® DaaS For Financial Services 

From the offering of advisory services to investment management, we understand the importance of securing and accessing confidential and sensitive data. Desktop 365® offers the ability to customize your organization’s virtual desktops to your industry-specific needs. Adopting such an agile platform in your IT infrastructure provides you with a secure IT solution for managing your client demands.

Desktop 365® DaaS For Call Center/BPOs 
Desktop 365® Desktop as a Service give you access to virtual desktops that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, including smartphones, laptops, or tablets giving you the flexibility to be available from any remote location at any time. Automated updates and maintenance ensure minimal downtime and disruptions to your day-to-day operation.

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